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Doodle Dogs & Sketchy Cats

Fun and Easy Doodling for Everyone

Boutique Sha


Feel your worry melt away as you begin to sketch and doodle the cutest cats and dogs you’ve ever seen. They’re whimsical. They’re cute. They’re silly. And they’re really easy to draw. Learn how with easy to follow step-by-step instruction. From temperamental tabbies to loyal labs, from cozy calicos to tireless terriers, you’ll infuse personality into your kittens and pups with easy-to-draw expressions and poses. Or give them something to do by drawing action scenes: Cat acrobatics, anyone? Or maybe that Siamese is taking a catnap. Perhaps you’d like to portray a poodle sitting patiently, hoping for a treat. Or depict your doggies playing fetch.

  • Tons of types and breeds of cats and dogs.
  • Cats in outfits and cats interacting with people—cat tea party, anyone? Even kitty accessories—scratching posts, toy mice and more. Here, kitty, kitty.
  • Dogs wearing sweaters, dogs on leashes and dogs in dog houses. Even dogs performing all your favorite tricks—Roll over, boy! Sit! Stay! Good dog.
  • A gallery of fun things to make that are so much more than just doodles, things like calendars, planner pages, greeting cards and memo pads.

Paperback • 128 pages • 8 ½ x 10 ¼ in (217 x 260 mm)