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Harmony of Nature

Unwind. Create. Color

Mihoko "Garden" Kurihara


Connect with your creative side and discover an inviting world of birds, flowers, and creatures awaiting your personal touch in Harmony of Nature. Beautifully drawn by Japanese illustrator and paper-cutting artist Mihoko “Garden” Kurihara, these charming vignettes for coloring are both simple and exquisite, whimsical and serene. A few card stock images are also included that can be colored, cut out, and used as postcards, ornaments, gift tags, or finished pieces for framing. Settle in with your favorite coloring pens and pencils, engage your imagination, and enter into a calming haven of artwork inspired by the beauty of nature.

Paperback • 80 pages 8 ¾ x 9 ¾ in (222 x 248 mm)