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Sew Me, Love Me

Best Stuffed Friends to Make

Hsiu-Lan Kuei


Perfect for any sewer with a love for animals, this delightful handbook to crafting stuffed animals features 12 fabric and sock animals that are guaranteed to charm. Making appearances are Popo Piggy, with a button nose and floppy ears; Beatnik Bob, with his lanky body smartly dressed in a turtleneck and corduroy pants; and Scrappy Lion, with a mane of colorful fabric scraps and a sideways expression.

Sewers will learn not only quirky embellishment techniques—from creating button noses or ribbon hair to hand-embroidering faces—but also how to craft clothing accessories such as dresses, tops, scarves, hats, skirts, and pants. Step-by-step illustrations and pattern templates keep the crafting process clear and simple; and because many of the accessories are made from socks, fabric scraps, and trims, these stuffed animals make a perfectly adorable—and affordable—gift.

Paperback • 144 pages 8 x 10 in (203 x 254 mm)